Drones and Australia's Bushfires

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Drones will be able to assist in post-disaster recovery efforts but must not fly near active bushfires without permission from Australia’s CASA.

In a statement from the CASA:


A current combined flight information region (FIR) NOTAM warns of ‘unnotified intense aviation activity associated with firefighting operations,’ and requests pilots of manned aircraft to remain 5 nm clear of a bushfire horizontally and more than 3000 ft AGL. Unmanned aircraft should only be flown 5 nm horizontally away from a fire and no higher than 120 m or 400 ft AGL.

While drones are asked to stay away from the active fires, they will likely be called upon to assist after the fact in post-disaster recovery efforts.

One Australian drone software company, Propeller Aero, has extended free drone surveying services to those affected by the fires.

Learn more about how drones will aid in Australia's recovery: How Drones Can Help Restore Australia’s Infrastructure and Wildlife Habitats Burned in the Bushfires.

In the comments, share your thoughts and ideas about how drones can safely provide aid to the affected areas.

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I would like to see more companies in the drone space offer aid to Australia during this disaster, as Propeller Aero has with their free drone surveys. 

Google's Wing started a drone delivery program last year in Australia's capital city, Canberra. It would be cool to see them offer services, such as the delivery of first aid products to those displaced by the fires, for free. 

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