Flying Hubsan H216A in Switzerland.

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Hi, i am new to drone flying and am a little confused with regards to drone flying restrictions in Switzerland. Hopefully someone here can help answer some of my questions.

As stated in the link below, drones below the weight of 500g can be flown, but not over crowds or within 100m of crowds. What justifies as a crowd? And wouldn't that mean nearly any sort of tourist attractions would prohibit drone flying?

There are a few places of interest where i would love to have drone shots, especially those 360 drone shots around me.
Places of interest: Jungfraujoch, Mt Pilatus, Mt Rigi, Lake Bachalpsee, Lake Riffelsee, Wengen, Zermatt
I googled online and there seem to be tonnes of drone footage on youtube. If these are all places where there are crowds, are we actually allowed to fly the drones?

According to the link below,

It is prohibited to operate model aircraft and drones weighing between 0.5 and 30 kg within 5 km of the runways of a civil or military airfield.

The spec of Hubsan H216A states that with battery, it weighs 162g. Does that mean i am allowed to fly the drone, as long as it's not over or 100m around a crowd?

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