New Autel Evo II vs. Mavic 2 Pro

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Autel Robotics just announced the details of their newest drone, the Autel Evo II, the first portable 8k camera drone capable of 48MP stills.

We make side-by-side comparisons of the original Evo, Evo II, and DJI’s Mavic 2 Pro in this article: Brand New Autel Evo II Outpaces the Mavic 2 Pro in Key Areas

Could the Evo II possibly overtake the Mavic 2 Pro as the leading consumer/prosumer drone? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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If your a professional then the one attribute that the Mavic2Pro can’t compete is the 8K, 48MP camera.  That has the potential to change not only the Mavic2Pro but many of the other DJI models up to the M210 and M600P.  The EVO2 is also a PX4 based system which means there are many more software tools for precision navigation.  

However, having said that, Autel has a poor track record of delivering their products.  If they can deliver working units, as advertised, at scale before DJI can offer something similar then this might certainly garner a lot of commercial marketshare.  It might also have an effect in the lower end broadcast and high end enthusiasts photograper market.  

Most all depends on the camera.   It doesn’t have changeable lenses, although that doesn’t really effect the comparison with the Mavic2Pro because it doesn’t either it’s still a negative on a camera with so much resolution.   

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I think we should probably know about how serious they are about being a giant killer pretty soon.  They seemed to have gotten out quite few units for review to the youtube crowd.  They did announce the EVO2 (8k) would be $1497 (dont know if that includes tariffs) and would be available 3rd week in January.  Should be interesting.  I did review testing for Autel when the EVO came out....still have it.  I love flying it.  Mavic2 is still my goto machine.  But I cant wait for my EVO2 review unit to get here.  Anxious to do some photo comparison.

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From my perspective as a long time photographer, a 1" sensor is going to look a lot better than a smaller sensor size, no matter how many pixels you put into it.  So comparing the photography versions, Evo II pro and Mavic 2 pro, they are about even spec-wise, except for the giant difference of the Hasselblad camera and color system, which is practically impossible to out do.  On the other hand if your shooting mostly video than I'd say Evo has pulled ahead, but if your most interested in stills than Mavic 2 definitely!  

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I doubt the 8K, 48MP stills is a 1/2 CMOS.   I’ve seen a couple of descriptions that claim it’s a 1.7” sensor.  

There was plenty of amazing camera tech on show at CES 2020, but Autel Robotics unveiled a family of drones that really made our jaws drop. The Autel EVO II is the first collapsible drone that can shoot 8K video, and take 48 megapixel stills – and a fitting announcement to coincide with the 10th birthday ready-to-fly drones

Weighing 1127g, the Autel EVO II quadcopter has an impressive flight time of 40 minutes, 8GB of internal storage (as well as an SD card slot). It has 12 sensors to aid with navigation and obstacle avoidance - and it comes with a controller that has a built in display.

While the shooting specs of the Autel Evo II may look impressive, and a serious rival to DJI as the best camera drone, serious filmmakers and photographers may be be even more tempted by its two sister models – one of which boasts a sensor that's four times larger, and another that features a thermal imaging camera…

I guess we’ll see when they start shipping. 

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The first bird release will be the EVO 2 (8k).  This will have the 1/2 inch 48mp sensor.  Then the next models will be released.  The EVO 2 Plus (6k) will have the 1inch 20mp sensor.  The EVO2 Dual will have the FLIRw/ 6k video.  Right now I believe there is more interest in the dual than the 8k or 6k models.

I was pretty impressed with the photos from the original EVO camera as compared to the Mavic2.  I think the "Hasselblad' camera results on the M2 relies more on name than actual performance.  And yes the EVO2 only has a 1/2 inch sensor.  But seeing is believing, so I will wait to see comparisons.  Add to the fact there is no geofencing and it makes it a better platform to get up and start taking photos.  Last fall I took the EVO to the northeast for surveys of Maine lighthouses.  Using the EVO instead of the Mavic2 in a couple instances saved me time with the geofencing which can be a pain at times.  In both instances I found the EVO photo quality was at least 90% of the Mavic's quality. And that is comparing a 1/2.3 sensor to a 1 inch. Although I do feel the Mavic is smoother to fly than the EVO.

What I am mainly interested in is the color and noise of the 1/2 inch 48 mp sensor.  48 mp seems a bit much (photo wise) for a 1/2 inch sensor.  With ISO rated 100/3200, I am guessing it is going to get a bit noisy earlier in the ISO range than I would like.

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