crash after landing

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Hello everyone,

I flow with my drone and everything was well except the ending which the drone at first landed and then started to take off for 20-50 cm and fall on the ground.
the landing was auto landing but as soon as I saw the drone is taking off ( only from one side) I tried to disarm it. 
here is the log.
is there anyone who could help me to find out what was the reason ?


2019-11-22 10-03-28.bin

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20 minutes ago, Av8Chuck said:

What kind of drone?  

Was the surface you were trying to land on level?  


does it really matter what kind is it ?
It was Tarot 960
yes it was level

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Yes it matters on the advice people give depending on the type of flight controller.  

If your using a PixHawk or Ardupilot based controller I might ask if you calibrated your transmitter for example.  Quads react differently than hexacopters. 


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