Skydio 2 Drone w/ Skydio Beacon, Extra batteries and More (New in box)

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This listing includes:
⦁ Skydio 2 Retail kit drone
⦁ 3 batteries (2 Extra ones and 1 inside the case)
⦁ 2 additional propellers (one of each type beyond the four required to fly)
⦁ 1 wall adapter for charging
⦁ 1 USB type C cable for charging and data transfer
⦁ 1 microfiber cleaning cloth
⦁ 1 custom-fit hard shell case
⦁ The Skydio 2 Beacon, Remote Controller

Everything is new in box.
The Skydio 2 case was only opened to confirm the contents.

Here are the detailed Skydio 2 Specs:

⦁ Size: 223 x 273 x 74 mm
⦁ Weight: 775 grams
⦁ 4K60
⦁ Six visual sensing cameras for obstacle avoidance
⦁ Sony IMX577 1/2.3” 12.3MP CMOS camera
⦁ Maximum Flight Time: 23 minutes
⦁ Maximum Wind Speed Resistance: 25 mph

The Skydio 2 is capable of shooting in 4K60 with its Sony IMX577 1/2.3” 12.3MP CMOS camera. As per the Skydio website, the Skydio 2 can fly for 23 minutes and has a maximum wind speed resistance of 25 mph.

Another factor worth mentioning is the impressive dynamic range of 13 stops. As is evident from the sample footage posted on the Skydio website, the drone seems to quite capable of capturing details in dark and light areas.

There are 3 ways of flying the drone:
1. Through the App with just your phone
2.Through the Beacon
3. through the controller.

You will get a flying range of 200 m if you use the App. This range is extended to 1.5 km when you use the Beacon. For an even larger flying radius of 3 km, you will need the controller.

I'm a drone enthusiast and purchased early from Skydio, but I focus more on photography rather than follow-me video so I've decided to sell it.

I am asking $2650 (Open to best offers)



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I got messages about the price being too pricey so I have decided to reduced the asking price to $1800 shipped and Insured, Skydio won't be shipping new drones until the middle of the year so this is your chance to get one. 



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