Drones in Construction inspection

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Hi, we are a construction project management consulting firm in NYC. As everyone knows, quality control and field inspections are one of the most critical variables in a successful project. Since its labor intensive owner's typically cut scope to control project cost. We believe a combination of architectural /engineering inspection knowledge, relevant drone AI/ software and drone piloting can deliver the above at less cost than current options and create a huge business proposition in NYC design and industry.

If you are one of the above key players and or aware of them, please contact me.

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Hello Ali,

You are correct, particularly if flights are flown weekly or bi-weekly with both horizontal and vertical photogrammetry scans, and combined with ground control points. Vertical scans, in particular, can be useful to measure and provide details of construction progress, as well as to integrate with AutoCAD or Bentley programs to measure as planned with as built, essentially creating a BIM progress model.



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Hi Ali,

NYC has a huge opportunity, only problem is  flying a UAS is very restricted in heavily populated areas. Using a combination of lidar and photogrametry is the best solution depending on the job, weather and site conditions.

As David mentioned before integration with your BIM progress will save time and huge mistakes that can and will effect time table and dollars lost in future revenues due to not meeting deadlines. I can talk further but this forum is ment more for drone application, even thou I love flying my drone. You can reach out to me if you want to talk further.

Happy flying

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