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For any pilots who are looking for additional work, we are currently looking for qualified drone operators. We have numerous active opportunities globally which we are looking to partner on. If interested in receiving new work opportunities as they become available please fill out our questionnaire at the link below. You will then be added to our operator network so we can have some more information around your particular capabilities, and we’ll be able to touch base with you on jobs in your area as they arise.
Fly Safe!
Link to Questionnaire:
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Is this for

I completed the questionnaire. And as much of my profile as it would let me.

My Account shows “Pending Review” and that I must complete my profile before it can be approved.

Except I CAN’T complete it because it is in review?


I have also sent several emails with no response.

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Hello there everyone! RTV at is gearing up for a great 2020 with more of our national accounts requesting aerial drone photography and video. If you have not set up a profile in our Tour Track system and would like to create a profile please feel free to set up an account here -    Please note that our system allows aerial drone pilots to pick up jobs from our accounts as well as utilize our image delivery and boost marketing system. We allow you to not only deliver your finished product to your customers, but also offer your customers several additional marketing services like property sites, lead capture, branded and non-branded tour links and weekly seller's reports.  It's pretty slick if you work with listing agents.  Ideally, for our national account jobs, we're looking for folks that are 107 certified, insured, and run an existing business. To see some examples of what you can do with the system visit our gallery here -  RTV currently services Motel 6, Red Roof Inn, Choice Hotels, Red Lion Hotels, and many more. Hope to talk with you soon!




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