I am a commercial drone pilot in NY state (www.nicortech.com)

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Good morning everyone,

FYI, I am certified in USA (FAA – Part 107), in Canada (Transport Canada – Basic Operations. Advanced operations soon.) and in France (Basic).

Also certified from Infrared Training Center- FLIR (https://www.infraredtraining.com/): Infrared Thermographer Level 1 & Infrared Thermographer unmanned Aerial Platform.

Imagery for house/building and Search&Rescue.

More about Nicolas Reboux: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nicolasreboux/

Best Regards



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Hi @nicortech

Welcome to the UAV Coach Community Forum! It is great to see that you have certifications in multiple countries. It's is also a good sign that more countries are developing more clear regulatory frameworks around drone operations. 

Do you operate in one country in particular more often than the others? How has business been so far?

Looking forward to your response!

 - Chase 

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Good morning Chase, how are you?

Currently I am based in White Plains (NY). Canada changed its rules recently and I do not have time to go there often (and too cold as well). I am in development of my company so still in call/meet prospects.

I am on my way also to buy a bigger drone, like Matrice 210 with XT2 but very expensive (and no competition to decrease current price). If you have any advices, I will take them 😉

 And you on your side, do you also fly?

Best Regards. Nicolas  

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