Inspire 1 V2.0 RAW has a lot of issues.

Alex Jones

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Hi everyone,
I have an Inspire 1 V2.0 RAW and I've been having so many issues that I came here as a last resort. I'm now looking here for some answers by you guys and ladies. The first thing I'll start by saying, while I'm flying in a straight line, I get drift. It tends to drift either left or right and sometimes the yaw will just move and the whole drone begins to pan. It's not drastic but it's deffinatly enough to notice and really frustrating when I'm trying to get cinematic shots. If I try to go straight after a target and center a mountain, good luck getting more than 5 seconds of a straight flight until I have to compensate on the sticks. Most of the time when I fly in a line, I have to compensate with my thumbs controlling the roll and yaw very slightly the opposite direction it's drifting and I can feel the struggle it's giving me as I can see it wanting to drift. Secondly, the yaw is giving me way too many issues. While i'm trying to do a simple straight line and yaw the inspire to the right or left, it'll just kick and move from a slow steady pace to a random fast speed turning the camera too quickly without moving the controls from the original yawing I'm doing. Say for an orbit around a hill. We've all done that but as you see in the video, i'll have a semi-smooth motion and then all the sudden, it turns way too fast again and im constantly having to compensate the sticks but im not talking a lot, im talking millimeters here. Millimeters will kick it out of place, if i relax my thumbs or index fingers as much as I can, and try to not move the yaw, it'll still kick out. So orbit shots are practically impossible unless im on a 12mm lens. I've tried everything from adjusting the sticks higher, adjusting the EXP, sensitivity and Gain settings in various settings from low EXP, low gains, low sensitivity to high sensitivity on all or some, I've tried recalibrating the IMU, the compass, the gimbal. I mean I am doing everything I can think of and still the flight is always so challenging because it's never ever a smooth flight. I also practice for an hour a day to be as smooth and dynamic as possible but again, im constantly fighting by millimeters of thumb movements and still kicks out place. When descending on subjects, or even just hovering over subjects, forget it, the inspire is just all over the place. it won't stay steady at all if im doing a birdseye or even looking at a subject straight on. Lastly, I noticed that my props are not aligned properly. the camera gimbal horizon is fine but the actual drone is tilted. Could this be the culprit as to why my flights are so bad? you can see in the video when I ascend, the drone almost looks like it's banking right but it's staying in position. Thanks guys, again I know it's a long one but I am looking forward to your responses because I have work coming up and these issues are important for me to adress so I can fly without my client wondering why i'm being so shaky or all over the place lol. The drone is just so unstable and I had so much more success getting dynamic moves with the phantom 3 pro when I had it. I don't think thats the right thing to say when you spend much more on a better drone. Here are a few videos with the drone issues and then some in camera video showing the flight issues with drifting and yawing. The flight video is just the proxy video recorded on the sd card rather than the raw video.
footage of the issues in flight -


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