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Hey Brian, I work for Carlson software so this is a biased opinion.  We offer Carlson PhotoCapture, an on-line SAAS that processes images to create clouds, orthos, etc.  Your client signing up  at the site with email and password is all it takes for you to share your projects with them, allowing them to view, download products or create linework on the Survey Canvas for export.  

Free, 2GB demo here (images upload size)  for you and anyone else who reads this. 


Steve 606-564-5028


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Unless you are cranking out volume ortho-products, its difficult to beat

  • Small jobs process for FREE.
  • Orthos can be shared with the public for FREE.
  • Clients do NOT need to register to access.
  • Maps can be embedded in websites for FREE.
  • Larger jobs process on a pay-per project. NO subscriptions.

I have no affiliation with MME.  I'm looking forward to when MME has some competition in this space as it's good for all users. But so far, the difference in pricing is fairly dramatic.  Traditionally, these types of products would only be used by survey professionals who have for years, and still do, pay high margins for their tools.  It makes sense, I guess, because the survey shops can just pass on those costs to their customers.  However, to non-survey pros, the cost of tools (including software) are somewhat daunting when only doing an occasional project for purposes that have smaller budgets.

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G'day Brian

We built a tool just for this purpose! 

You can either upload maps publicly and they will appear on our super-map, i.e. the homepage

or, you can subscribe and host the maps privately for your clients/colleagues.  

I'd love to hear everyone's feedback on the platform.

Happy droning mate!


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