Beta 85X 4S (FrSky FCC) issue


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Hello everyone!
Learner here!
First, please, apologize for my English.
I’ve recently bought a Beta X85 4S (FrSky FCC) x series (Not HD or 4K) from BetaFPV (
I’ve bound it to my FrSky Tanaris x9d and my FatShark HDO2 with the rapid-fire module.
Everything was perfect, I flew all the weekend with good sensation and a very good video quality.
And then, on BetaFlight, I’ve accidentally reset all the settings of the quad to default. Everything was mess-up, (Note: when I receive the drone, I didn’t touch anything except OSD and Transmitter mods settings). 
Now, the video quality is very bad with 1 or 2 meters of range and all the settings of the quad are mess-up. This was the only thing I changed, it was only the Reset of settings before and after everything goes well so I know this is not from the HardWare issue or FatShark issue.
My question is: Do you know if this is possible to have all the Factory settings set-up like before? Like the moment I opened the box. Does anyone here have the same model as me and can share with me his CLI Dump/DIFF or JSON file? When you backup your quad settings and get a .JSON file.
It would be amazing and I would be very grateful.
I have already looked on the support betaFPV, they are only for Beta85X 3S or 4S HD, not my model ( Beta X85 4S (FrSky FCC) x series (Not HD or 4K) )
I tried it but this doesn’t help.
Thanks in advance for your help!
Cheers! 🙂 
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