Can a Drone have too much lift?

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There are no hard and fast rules and there are a ton of variables, type of flight controller and how it’s tuned, power-to-weight ratio, etc.  

As a general rule of thumb you want to hover at 50% throttle.  But that needs to be a true 50%. DJI controllers take control of the throttle curve (nothing wrong with that) so that it hovers at half throttle on the transmitter no matter how much power it takes to hover.  

If for example your drone hovers at 30% then it’s often really tight.  It can be “twitchy” and difficult to fly manually.  It’s quick and easy to get “behind” the aircraft.  It has a higher probability of flipping or “toilet bowling.”  

If it hovers at 70% then it’s usually sluggish also if you have a problem then it can be difficult to recover.  

Theres a term in scuba diving, “neutral buoyancy,” that’s what you want to achieve with your drone.  If your center of gravity is near the middle and it hovers at 50% then it’s very stable.


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