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Hi Everyone,

It's my first time to have read about the drones to be used for delivery, I think this is a great idea, but at the same time, I can just imagine that a lot would lose their jobs. I mean, yes it so nice to have a quick delivery service, but I was thinking in the future, we might not have jobs anymore due to the continuous progress of technology. I mean it's not that I can do something about it, but I was just thinking about it. Any thoughts?

Thank you.

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I wouldn’t worry too much thinking about loosing jobs to drone delivery services in your lifetime. There we’ll be plenty more jobs created to pick up the pieces after crashes, more attorney’s for trials regarding accidents, more people working at companies designing drones for delivery that have no hope of ever being certified, more security employees deployed to disable drones that aren’t there, and lots more jornalists to report stories about drones that never happened.  

Seriously, it’s an ecosystem unto itself!

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