Mavic Air Still worth Buying Today?


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I've been flying my Potensic D58 I got for Christmas (my very first drone), and have fallen crazy over flying drones now. 

I'd like to step up my game now. After looking at my needs & wants for a drone, I've decided on the 2 year old Mavic Air. But every review I see on it is a year or more older. So I'm wondering, is it still worth buying? I seriously considered the Mini, but I'm a bells & whistles type guy who likes options, and the Air fits that bill, especially when it comes to pictures/videos quality. 

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It kind of depends on how you define quality.  The Mavic Air has the worsts image quality of all the Mavics.  But if all your producing are videos for YouTube it’s adequate.  

Not sure how much more a Mavic2Pro would be but you might want to consider that.  Also, have you considered the Skydio2?  You’d go from beginner to the envy of the forum with one purchase...  

good luck and enjoy your new found evocation.  

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