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Michael Zafirov

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Hi am Michael Zafirov, I am from the US but now I am a high school student in Hong Kong. I am 13 years old I want to know more people that know about drones. I have built 3 drones myself   1. X525          2. F450   3. FPV250. I have basic soldering skills and building knowledge. If you want to checkout some of my quadcopter performance videos, feel free to visit my website at www.Michael Zafirov.com or my YouTube channel just type Michael Zafirov in the search bar, my channel will be the first option. Please give me some feedback. Thanks.  Just saying: this is not an advertisement, I just want to people to know me better.

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Good work, Michael. Just one thing: your web address is incorrect in your message. It should be www.mzafirov.com.

Keep going and best of luck. I am a beginner in this field as well and my interest is in video work. I am attaching a couple of photos of my latest efforts. You can se a short video (still a little wobbly) taken with the first, showing you some view if Melbourne and the area near my place:


The V6 hexacopter is not set with a wire antivibration system which works much better.


Cheers from Bruno

Final version top view.jpg

Camera mounts.jpg

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