Florida Could Use Drones to Fight Invasive Species

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We have seen our fair share of interesting drone-related stories, but this one is a first, even for us. 

A Senate committee in Florida just unanimously passed a bill that would help fight invasive species that continue to thrive in the state. With the increasing population of Burmese Pythons, the state is looking for a proactive alternative to eliminate this invasive species from the state.

This initiative would also allow wildlife agencies to assess, manage, and eliminate invasive plant species that are taking over the Everglades. 

To learn more about this developing drone application, check out this article from The Washington Post. 


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This is an ongoing war here in Florida. Drones offer an alternative other than foot search. Cameras and focal length would have to improve and even if an invasive species is encountered, an on the ground has to still take place to retrieve the species.  Someone with a drone could cover a grid pattern fly to expedite coverage of an area.

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