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I am looking at buying a second hand DJI S900. The seller has not opened the box and assembled the drone so what I have is what came with the box and nothing else. What would I need to buy to fly the drone? I will not be filming and do not need a gimbal. But do we need to buy a flight controller, battery, remote control…? Would you be able to suggest any parts? I am a total drone beginner so all explanations are helpful.

Do you have any suggestions for drones that could be cheaper and simpler while being able to comfortably carry around 3kg?

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 Not to say that you couldn’t make this work,  but the S900 is definitely not a beginner  drone.  I believe it was a kit that you had to assemble and you had a choice of flight controllers, so which flight controller it came with, if any at all, depends on how it was ordered.  I believe you had a choice between the A2 (a terrible flight controller) and the Wookong-M, one of the better DJI controllers but you needed to be pretty experienced at tuning and setup.   

I encourage everyone to build at least one drone, you get a much better appreciation for flying them.  The real challenge with this drone is that DJI has not supported it for quite some time so if there’s any parts missing or you need help, you might not find any and not be able to complete it. 

I guess it depends on how much you pay for it and whether it’s something that your hoping to use commercially.  It’s not worth much.  If it’s just for fun it might be something interesting to do.  

Where are you located?  Are there other people flying S900 or S1000’s near you?  Is there a well stocked hobby shop close buy that sells other multirotors?  S900s where pretty unreliable so people tended to have more than one.  

If your purchasing this to save money, I’d recommend against it.  In fact,  not to be a jerk, but I’d pretty much recommend against this under any circumstances. It would be like rolling back the clock to 2014 and in the drone world that’s an eternity.   Some people love to buy old cars and fix them up. So it kind of depends on why your doing this.  

Regarding a recommendation, there really aren’t that many Multirotors that can safely carry six pounds for any length of time available. All of them are probably more expensive than a beginner should be spending on their first drone.  You should look at the DJI M600 (what the S900 went on to become), and the best UAV would be the Alta-X ($15,000).  Again it all depends on what you want to do with it.  

Good luck

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