Tinyhawk Freestyle and taranis QX7 bound but bouncy

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 Hello everyone and thanks for taken the time to read me.
Total newb here. I'm in rather deep too, idk how I got all this stuff already and still have no clue lol . Any ways, here goes, I purchased the taranis qx7 to learn to fly on sims. got kinda good so I looked around for different drones to purchase, originally i wanted to go with a hexocopter with the 6 props but shyed away from it, then i figured I may just want to piece it together but with so many options I figured "lets get something already built that I can always fidget with if I want to, to learn" so in the end I purchased the Tinyhawk freestyle. I wanted something with punch yet sturdy enough to take a beating and I think I made the rite choice.
After watching numerous videos on how to bind the tinyhawk freestyle to the qx7 I finaly went and did it. Pressed and held the button on the bottom of the tinyhawk, turned my transmitter on, pressed bind and vwalla it bound. pretty simple stuff. of course I unpluged the batteries for the final bind or w/e u call that move.  Anyways on to the problem
K so it is bound great lets set it on the floor and see how easy this works since its not a 30. drone with a cheap transmitter already bound this should be awesome rite? turned it on and set it down to lvl itself out. pressed my throttle (left joystick up) before I pressed the throttle props were not moving. as I barely pressed the throttle the props reved up and it began to lift so I pushed the throttle back off but the props kept spinning and it just wanted to go so naturally I figured the throttle was stuck or something and I moved it up and down just to realize that the props are getting way too much throttle? and even though I had the throttle off the props kept moving and it began to go up and down and each time it tapped the ground it seemed to move faster and faster and bounce more and more and began to become more violent off the floor even with the throttle totally in the off position it just wanted to go. And believe me you you do not want to grab that thing in mid air. those blades freakin hurt and can slice rite through your skin at that rpm.
I'm assuming there is something that needs adjusted here. My knowledge of Betaflight Configurator is just that. its a software that might help me here or is it the rite path to head down with my gear?  I really want to take this thing outside and let it rip around but until i'm in total control of it...
If it has to do with the qx7, which vary well could be due to my lack of knowledge here what is going to help me learn this? I've searched high and low for "throttle control" and the "tiny hawk qx7 issues"
Do I need to open up the qx7 and do the adjustment that way? or is it a software issue elsewhere?
Any help would be wonderful and thanks in advance for taking the time to just read me out :D 
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