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I have designed and built several successful drones and I am attaching a few photos of the last one. I warmly suggest for you to avoid quadcopters, because they are not redundant at all (if one engine ore ESC mulfuntions, the drone will tunble out of control, which is extremely dangerous). My advice is to design and built an hexacopter or octocopter, using motors like the EMAX CF2822. 

You can see my latest video, taken with my hexacopter carrying my Xiaomi 4k camera: SOUND ON!

If you need more advice, you are welcome to contact me at my email address:

Disassemblable V6 front damper.jpg

Disassemblable V6 front view.jpg

Disassemblable V6 side view.jpg

Frame side view.jpg

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It kind of depends on what you hope to accomplish with the drone.  

If your not flying over people then a quad might meet your needs.  As @bruno pointed out, there’s no hardware redundancy in a quad.  Although you should be aware that just because you build a hex or octo doesn’t mean it will fly safely when you lose a motor.  It all depends on you watt/weight efficiency. 

We use Y6’s, if you lose a motor with coaxial motors and you were hovering at 50%, then the motor that is the other half of the coaxial setup has enough performance to take the additional load and the UAV will continue to fly safely.  This is because the the failure and the motor that adds the needed additional power are on the same axis of lift. 

If you have a failure on a hex, the two motors opposite the motor that failed have to decrease thrust or the drone will flip.  So if you had the same watt/ounce performance as the Y6 and the same weight payload, the hex could not fly.  

The thing that will limit your choice of airframe will be the flight controller.  If your using Ardupilot you’ll have a lot of choice in how you design your frame.  


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