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Hey everyone,

I am new here in this forum. I work with my DJI Mavic 2 pro on small surfaces up to 30 has in the field of agriculture, urban planning, tourism and environment in Ecuador. I process my data with PIX 4D. Now a company of topographers is asking me, if I can do a planimetry of 4000 has. It seems to me very much, considering data volume. What do you think is it posible to do this work with DJI Mavis 2 pro and process it with PIX 4D.

Thanks a lot for your advices.


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Depends on how you define possible.  Can you fly it, sure. But inputting that much data into Pix4d and expecting an accurate result, doubtful. 

I have a friend, doesn’t everyone, who tried to map 2000 acres, 1/5 of what your attempting.  It took more than a month to process in Pix4d and they never got it right.  Depending on the level of accuracy you’d need a massive amount of ground control. 

It’s probably not a good idea of going to the effort of placing ground control, the logistics of flight planning to shoot that much area with such a low resolution camera.  

Thats I big project. 

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Have you worked this company before?  If not I’d recommend doing a small test to make sure your in sync with what they expect.  

It took my friend a week to scan the 2000 acres and a month of processing, when they were finished the customer overlaid the previous map done from a manned aircraft and it was very different so they refused to pay for it.  

Good luck.

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