How do i get into the Drone Pilot Jobs?

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hi i was looking into getting into being a Drone Pilot (possibly full time) but i have no idea where to start (have to do training since i've never flown a drone before and get licenses too). i have no experience, equipment, knowledge, etc... i'm as green as you can get. i have some family in the real estate business who i'm sure would probably benefit from a Drone Pilot so i'm thinking that's a good way to get in the door right. willing to travel anywhere, anytime for the job as long as it makes financial sense.

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Welcome to the forum.  Where are you located?  

I have a sarcastic sense of humor, it sometimes comes off as being a smart a$$..  

People generally don’t make very much money knowing a lot about drones.  They make good money by knowing a lot about the problem they’re off to solve and just so happen to be using a drone as part of the solution.  

If you want to work with your family in real estate then you need to learn all about what real estate brokers need to get listings and market them.  To make enough money you’ll probably have to role up several services like architectural photography, video production, web design etc.. 

If you want to do industrial inpection then you need to know all about Transmission or Cell towers, pipelines etc.  

So you need some idea of what you want to be when you grow up. Learning the drone and how to use it is really pretty easy.  

Also, if you don’t mind sharing it’s often helpful to know how old people are when trying to give advice.  It really depends on you and what phase of life your in.  Using drones commercially will undoubtedly be a good career,  but it’s going to take a lot more than paying $150 and a one hour knowledge test.  

Anyway, good luck.

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SOLUTION -I think that the market is not good enough for many p speed test eople to approach aerial photography as a f showbox ull-time gig. Most people approach it as a sort of side-hustle that they can do on the side. D usps tracking o you want to join a company that flies drones as a pilot or are you trying to start your own business?



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