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Regulations in Kazakhstan.


It is quite alarming to read that 'there are apparently no laws for UAV in Kazakhstan' on the main pages for the country.   There are laws based on the general aviation laws.   The general rules are:

You cannot fly above 50m without permission from ATC.   You must file a flight plan to do so.

You cannot fly within a certain distance of an airport (depends on which one you are looking at).

You cannot fly in a built up area or near crowds of people.

You must not fly in or near a restricted area (Military, Police, KNB, VIP residences, sensitive infrastructure, etc).

No flying in Danger areas without specific permission.

Drones above 1.5kg must be registered with the Civil Aviation Committee.

When flying above 50m, you must have voice contact with ATC.

The rules are there, even on the internet, but not in English.   You have to know where to look !


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