Is this a Recreational Flight or Part 107?

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I’d love to hear your opinions on my weird question:

I’m currently a Part 107 certificated pilot in the US. 

However, I’m new to flying and have been practicing precision flying drills in order to hone and eventually apply my skills for engineering/inspection commercial UAS use. I’m not getting paid to practice flying now, but I’m developing the skills with the intention of being paid someday.

I’ve been flying these practice operations under Recreational flight rules (since I’m not making money NOW from them). I don’t really record video or photography during these drills- just practicing navigating to and from very precise locations in a large, open field.

Do you think this is appropriate to fly as recreation, or should I be flying under Part 107 rules, since I’ll be applying the fruit of this effort commercially, in the future?

I overthink stuff...but I was curious how others viewed this situation, too. 😁



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