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Hi all pilots and operators and flyers of all kinds!

My first quad copter was a cute little QX something or other that I just loved to swoop around. Over time I convinced myself that I would purchase a “drone” when they were smart enough to prevent their own loss. I purchased a Mavic Pro not long after release and find I rarely operate it. Because you operate it, it’s not flying, it’s not fun, it causes anxiety.

Anyone have the same experience or advice on how to enjoy “flying” an MP?

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Is your anxiety from not flying or are you not flying because of your anxiety of flying it?  Why aren’t you flying it?

One thing that used to caused me anxiety is that when you fly DJI your not really flying, it flies itself and you push it around the sky.  Prior to DJI operators had to actually fly drones manually which today it’s doubtful many operators could actually do.  I guess it’s kind of a control related anxiety, i always felt if the Mavic did something I didn’t instruct it to do there wasn’t anything I could do about it.  

But the more I flew it the more I overcame that anxiety.  Find an area where you can learn to fly equally well in all orientations, where if you crash nothing will be damaged (besides your ego) and practice. That should do a couple of things for you; increase your skill level, although that’s always a good thing I don’t think thats the source for this kind of anxiety, but it will help you trust that you won’t lose control of the Mavic and it will increase your confidence that if you do you can handle it.  

I have never liked flying multirotors, I think it’s kind of boring, I do it for the aerial footage.  As a result I focus on collecting the data which also helps to overcome any anxiety I feel about flying the drone.  

Some people are totally ignorant of the risks of flying a drone, they can generally launch it in just about any situation and feel little, if any, anxiety for their actions.  Others, who understand the risks seem to be paralyzed by indecision.  There’s a certain freedom in the first group, you don’t have to comprehend all the risks to be a safe operator.  Operators who think they truly understand all the risks are often the worst operators, they over think everything and get behind the Mavic, rely too much on the Mavic to fly itself and ultimately crash.  

Practice gets you ahead of the aircraft.

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