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My name is Jay Wallace. I received my Part 107 certificate in July 2019 after completing the Drone Pilot Ground School program. I have been flying since May of 2018. I love this industry and wish I had more time to focus on growing my business. Maybe 2020 will be the year. Living in Michigan the weather can be a problem for flying sometimes but when it is nice out I love it, especially going to Northern Michigan.

I currently have one drone (Mavic Air) and have had only one job using it with a potential job in March. 


Glad I am joining a community of such passionate people. And looking forward to hearing and interacting about this great industry. 

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Hi @jjwallace

Welcome to the UAV Coach Community Forum! I fully understand your frustration with trying to fly a drone during the winter in Michigan. 

Like @Alan Perlman said, the winter is a great time to work on the business and it is also a good time to practice editing. Working on the business side of things in the winter will make it easier to focus on flying the drone more during the warmer months. 


 - Chase

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