DJI Video Showcases Drone-to-Phone Remote ID Alternative as List of Industry Leaders Against FAA’s Remote ID Proposal Continues to Grow

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As the FAA’s proposed rule on Remote ID continues to draw criticism, DJI has released a video demonstrating how their drone-to-phone broadcast system for remotely identifying UAS works.

One of the most important aspects of DJI’s remote ID solution is that—unlike the system in the FAA’s current proposal—it does not require the drone to have an internet connection.

DJI’s drone-to-phone system works using an app that can be installed on any smartphone. Here is the data that can be transmitted via the app:

  • The drone’s unique ID/serial number
  • The drone’s altitude
  • The drone’s speed
  • The done’s direction
  • The location of the drone
  • The location of the drone pilot

DJI created this drone-to-phone Remote ID system because it, like others in the drone industry, believed that the FAA would adopt a broadcast solution for Remote ID based on findings in the FAA's research.

Read today's article to learn more about DJI's drone-to-phone app and the history behind the broadcast solution to Remote ID.

Haven't commented yet on the FAA's Remote ID NPRM? Comments close on March 2—get help crafting your comment in our user-friendly guide.

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