Aquiline Drones Takes Novel Path to Part 135 Certification

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Aquiline Drones has recently been making headlines as being “the fourth company to operate under an FAA 135 Air Carrier Certificate,” with the other three being Alphabet’s Wing, UPS’ Flight Forward, and Amazon’s Prime Air.


Based on information we’ve found on the FAA’s website, only Wing and Flight Forward have actually been granted Part 135 certificates. (See the last three paragraphs of this page on the FAA’s website for more information.)

But what we find interesting isn’t whether Aquiline Drones and Prime Air actually hold Part 135s—all signs indicate that they probably will soon—but rather the way that Aquiline Drones is going about acquiring its Part 135 certificate. In short, it looks like Aquiline may have found a way to bypass the FAA’s rigorous Five-Phase Part 135 certification process by acquiring a company that already has a Part 135.

Read today's article to learn more about the Part 135 certification process for drone companies, as well as about a possible second route to getting permission to conduct drone deliveries in the U.S.

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Hi Zacc, great article and interesting information. I was just wondering which of the four Types of certificates Aquiline Drones would be getting if the acquisition of the aircraft company goes through? Additionally, any update on if this has since been completed or not for Aquiline Drones?

Thanks, Zacc!


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Continuing on from my previous post. They offer a path to become a commercial drone operator and provide

  • Part 107 certification training 
  • Training to use their cloud services
  • Commercial solution training (?)
  • Business registration (LLC)
  • Insurance for 1 year
  • Their cloud service subscription for 1 year
  • Their own US manufactured drone (includes financing options)
  • Drone job opportunities 

Starting price is $799 for exiting certified pilots and $999 for non-certified pilots although the first link to buy resulted in page not found!.

Unlike other companies that contract out missions to pilots that typically use DJI drones Its interesting that they have you buy and use their own manufactured drone. 


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