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Hi Guys,


Its been a while since i completed the UAV coach course, which was a great experience for me and i ended up not introducing myself to the community...


I am a commercial aircraft pilot in Brazil who has always been passionate for aviation as i was born in a neighborhood close to an airport!


Since i got in the drone industry, i also became passionate about Drones. Its technology and flight stability its outstanding! I am definitely amazed!

Currently i am running my own professional drone business, doing seminars in Brazil in universities and organizations to professionals such as engineers, farmers, photographers, aircraft pilots, teachers, and many more. I would define myself as blessed for being able to work with the amazing Drone technology!


That's everything i could share with you guys so far!


Happy and safe flights!


Joshua Carillo.

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@RemotelyPossible , Thank you!


After a long wait Brazilian aviation authorithy has finally released sUAS regulations! Which is a good thing not just for the commercial aviation but also for those who are intending to get into the UAV industry!


The youtube link bellow provides some of my aerial footage:


I'm currently translating my Drone business website from portuguese into english!


How do we actually quote someone`s username on a post as you did?


Cheers and Happy flights!



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