Does anyone sell their photos/freelance? If so, what platforms do you recommend.


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Hi All,

Just got me FAA certified 107 pilot license and looking to start doing some freelancing work or sell some photos to build a portfolio and get some side income on Pond5, shutterstock, videoblocks, etc. Does anyone have any luck selling on these platforms and what are some troubles you may have using them. 

Also wanted to get into the freelancing game and start taking some requests. Do any of you use fiverr, upwork, or anything to get some side work. 

Wanted to get some feedback on using this platforms and what's the best to use and what are some gripes everyone has had.

Thanks in advance!

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I use PHOTODECK for storage and point of sale for my photos (mostly aerial).  I have found the platform easy to use and effective.  I use private galleries (hidden from public view) for all the jobs from contractors, Realtors, developers, etc. and Photodeck's easy payment systems deposit the proceeds directly to my bank (from credit cards) and then the images are sent to the client.

So in this Covid-19 period of little or no personal contact, my business remains open and growing...because there is no personal contact and all images are delivered digitally.

You can check out my site at:

Hope this helps with your decision making.

Kind regards,

Jay Burnham

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Hey Jay - just checked-out your webstie and was very impressed with your gallery!    

Quick question . . . what is the typical time-ratio between capturing the images and any post processing work?   

I always try to "get it right" with the native image, but find some "adjustment" is usually required.   Also, what software do you use?


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Hi Michael,

Thanks for the kind words.

When I am working for Realtors, I provide a minimum of 10 images from different angles and elevations. The post processing works generally takes about 20 minutes for 10 photos and I use the SNAPSEED app.

The app is abosulutely the easiest and best post processing program I have found anywhere. The best.

I have Adobe Photoshop, but a rarely use it anymore for photos.

For video I use Final Cut Pro.

Hope that helps,

Fly safe,


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Nice website Jack, with very nice images and video! Looks like a decent platform with good pricing! I like the area you're from, I'm in Florida but originally from CT. I get up that way a couple of times a year, and should be making a trip toward the end of May. I drive a car back and forth for a woman in Malden, so it gives me a chance to visit friends and family in CT. And where I go, drone goes with me!

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