Need help with very large scale 3D mapping project of urban area

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I've recently been contacted by a company that has been asked to bid on a project that would require data acquisition for 3D mapping of a 20 square mile urban area (12,800 acres).  The small city has a population of 85,000 and borders Class Bravo airspace.  I currently own and operate one DJI Matrice 210 v2, which is not adequate for the job.  Has anyone in this forum performed very large scale 3D mapping projects like this?  I would like to help this company by pointing them to a team that is equipped to execute a project of this scale that they can partner with.  Thanks for your help.    
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I feel as though this might be most cost effective being done by plane instead. If you insist on doing it by drone find someone with a parrot disco or ebee sensefly. Nothing against doing it by drone but if there are time constraints because of the bid I don't think you'll have the time to fly it and process it before they need it. 

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I've done a project that required data acquisition for 60 square miles.  We used a Vtol fixed wing drone to capture data.   We were able to capture 600 acres per flight.  This was not an easy task due to LOS regulation.  We had several VO's for this project.  I can explain the pros and cons for this project.  I just sent you a message as well.         



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 A couple of us state employees are gearing up to map 2700 acres with a phantom 4 equipped with a $200 set of  RUGO lights. We can see our bird at 3500' with the lights in strobe mode. Since your matrice is larger and has a greater payload you could mount two sets of these lights and likely see it at almost a mile away. We've determined that we can fly the 2700 acres, while keeping the bird in sight, in two long days.  20 sq miles is 12800 acres, so  i estimate you could complete the work in less than 5 days, IF you have lights mounted and enough batteries, w a portable honda charger.   The big question is: does your matrce camera geo tag its pics with a gps position?  If not, get yourself a  used phantom 4 for this job. Since I'm office bound, I'd be willing to help you plan the missions, which will take many hours of work; you'll need to use google earth and gis to deter launch points that will give you the longest lines of sight.  Do the job by yourself and keep all of the wages. 

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