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I'm looking for recommendations of companies that build custom 3-axis gimbals for the DJI Matrice 210 v2, if any exist.  I'd like to incorporate a custom gimbal onto my M210 v2 with similar 3-axis stability to the DJI Zenmuse camera gimbals (X5S, X7, XT2, etc.) in which I can mount a high-end (~40 megapixel sensor) Canon or Sony camera for photography, videography and possibly for mapping.  I would appreciate any info/recommendations.  Thank you.


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The problem isn’t the gimbal, it’s DJI.  DJI makes it very difficult to use non-DJI accessories on their drones.  

The Gremsy H3 works great with the Sony A7R3/4 and if you want to use the Canon 5DS you’d need an H7.  But good luck getting it to work on a DJI M200.  Also keep in mind that depending on lens and camera this is about 4-5 pounds, an M210 won’t lift it for very long if at all.  




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