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Hi All,

I'm currently a PhD student using drones for research into forest and natural resource management. I am hoping to get a pilots license and certification over the next few years and make drones the platform for my career. I've built a few for fun, and know quite a bit about sensors, and hope to apply that knowledge after finishing this degree. My ultimate plan is to become a consultant or start a business a few years down the road.

Look forward to meeting others, networking, and getting my license!

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Hi Alan,

I am getting a PhD in environmental science, using UAV's and other tools to look at landscape ecology of forests and relate that to natural resource management. We are currently using a fixed wing for doing photogrammetric point clouds and a heavy-payload octocopter for LiDAR and hyperspectral measurements.

I personally have a couple smaller quad-copters I've built myself, and thinking about getting a 3DR Solo. I'm getting married this summer and really wanting to get some aerial imagery of the event.

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