Chula Vista Police Department First in U.S. to Use Drones in Coronavirus Fight

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In the fight against COVID-19, several police departments throughout the state of California have opted against enforcing the stay-at-home order that's in place with active measures, focusing instead on education and awareness.

Among the different methods of communication that could be used in efforts to remind people about the importance of staying home, the Chula Vista Police Department will be the first to employ drones.

Law enforcement officials in Chula Vista plan to use loudspeakers attached to drones to spread safety messages, as has already been done with drones in China, Spain, and elsewhere.


Read today's article to learn more about how the CVPD plans to use drones in the fight against the coronavirus, and to get some background on the CVPD's leadership in using drones at public safety agencies.

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I will not say what I was going to , however the unlawful quarantines MUST STOP. they are unconstitutional and for no valid reason, and I have not complied with any in Illinois and will not wear a face mask at all. I will sue any municipal department who tries to enforce it as well. 

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