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I really enjoyed the mapping and modeling course.  It really opened my eyes on the right type of equipment.

At this time I do not have the right UAV for doing any mapping. I have Yuneec Typhoon Q500+., and a  DIY Quad.

Now the DIY does have a pixhawk controller, and 2 axis gimbal with a GOPRO. The DIY can do waypoints. However the camera needs a shutter system that can communicate with the pixhawk.  I have the option of modifying my DIY by adding a companion computer "Raspberry PI" to control the shutter. Which I can do for a future project. I would like to get started with mappings sooner.

I like how the course went over the various models like the 3DR Solo, DJI Phantom and Inspire.

I have first compared the DJI and 3DR. Familiar with 3dr products.  I do like additional options of the DJI, like the pictures already being geotagged.

I have been looking at the Phantom 3's and cost.

I can get a new P3 standard for $499,   P3  4K for $599, P3 Advanced $799. Also this doesn't account for the extra's like batteries and such. 

Would a P3 standard be good for mapping? I did see on  the dronedeploy website that the standard is on their supported list.

 Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Thank You

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I haven't looked at the specs for the standard lately, but I think it is worth at least getting the Advanced for the extra $100. I want to say the Standard doesn't have a good mount out of the box for iPads, the image sensor isn't as good, and the controller doesn't have all the features the advanced and professional have.

If you are on a budget, go with the Advanced. If you can, I suggest skipping straight to that. We hacked together a lot of stuff with PixHawk, and it always ended up with frustration, lots of monkeying around after the fact. The P3 is a great deal IMHO. 


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I would agree with you on the PixHawk. I just finished a major rebuild on it and it started getting quirks. So for that I am back to the drawing board, and mark it as a learning experience.

For business yes I see the specs your mentioning, and so looking at how to approach the CFO. :)

Thank You


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I sent Yuneec an email about what I found on other forums even on the yuneec forum That they had no interest of adding programmable way-points to their drones. For the Typhoon H doesn't even have it. No word from them yet. 

Not knocking the bird I am happy with it for videos/pics and how it handles. Just couldn't use it for mapping. 

Found other requirements from my search like 1080p and 4K needed from some businesses.

So I went  and dived into the pool and ordered the DJI Phantom 3 Professional. It hit all the check marks. I even splurged I got a ipad mini 2 to go with it.

Waiting on delivery and to get insurance for it before I put props on it. Lots and lots of reading since this my first DJI.

Any links, pages, references, and best practices would be great. I even bought  a used cheap DJI P2 just to get the feel of it. 

My simulator RealFlight Drone has something that looks like a Phantom. However I wouldn't know. I am logging in sim time. 

Did I read somewhere that DJI has a simulator that goes with it or something like that? 

Thank You Lewis for the advice. If I would of gotten the P3 standard I wouldn't of been happy with it.


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Finally received a response from Yuneec.

You are correct the Q500+ does not have the way point feature incorporated into it yet but the new Typhoon h does have that and you can plot infinite way points. Hope this helps and if you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us. Thank you

Well that was part of answer from them. However from the Typhoon H manual their idea of  mapping is only the functionality of the curve cable cam feature.

Still happy with the decision of the DJI. Should have by this Friday.

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Back to the Typhoon H capability this is the final word I got from Yuneec. Almost how I described it.

The camera taking pictures will be controlled by the user to take video and pictures as necessary. You will have to fly the pattern of the waypoint before flying them for pictures or video. 
Thank you for choosing Yuneec




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