Time Lapse real estate question

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I'm just getting into the business and havent decided on which drone to get yet.  I'm wanting to do aerial photography and video for residential and commercial real estate. I also run heavy equipment for a home builder.

An idea i have is showing the construction of a new home using aerial time lapse.  Is it possible to record the 1st flight path over or around the new home site and then have the drone fly the exact same flight path ever time until the build is over? That way at the end i can stitch the videos together to make a time lapse video.  If this is possible, which drone has the capabilities?  Thanks

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Interesting idea.  

Depending on how accurately you want the transition from one interval to the next to be, you could keep it relatively simple and fly to the same waypoint and make sure you have the same heading.  Any drone that can shoot timelapse should work.  

The Mavic2Pro should work. 

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