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Just a side note.  After Isabella's somewhat recent article about the Autel trade in program, I went a-looking for some others and found DJI's.  I have a low-time, older Phantom 3 that I basically started videography with but that I haven't flow in years.

For credit toward a newer model of DJI product, the DJI trade-up program offers credit for a new DJI product by trading in an older model; the cost for you to ship to them is free (they will email you a shipping label). I sent a Phantom 3 standard with an unused float kit, two new batteries and four propeller guards (with eight serviceable propellers), charger, cables, transmitter, prop hub guards and the minor accessory kit. Their initial estimate was 97.00$US. The a/c has about four very local flights and is low time.

I sent the gear and their reply was yep, we'll give you credit for a new DJI device in the amount of 27.50(?)! Mind you I would have to pay $35 to $40 to have my gear returned. I have a number of aircraft in my fleet and have owned this P3 since early 2016. It has been "For Sale" in a couple of forums for 18 months(?), but I wanted to warn you about the trade-up program. I am Part 107 certified. My hindsight is your 20-20 vision, I hope.

Thanks for reading.

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On 4/2/2020 at 4:01 PM, Dave Pitman said:

It sounds like in your case they quoted 97 initially and then dropped it to 27 when they had it in hand? You would have been satisfied with 97?


Not at all.  I sent the a/c in for appraisal.  In short, cost to me was $4-6 to keep my own unit.  Heed my warning.

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No worries.  When DJI started the program, I entered one of my legacy drones and for the price it quoted, I would rather leave it shelved for a risky mission, or give it away.  In other words, what they offered was a joke.  I think your hopes that the price they offer would go up if you sent it in with additional accessories was a little naive.  In fact, they probably just toss anything traded in anyway.  They just want the new sale.

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