High quality camera on affordable UAV please

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Hi all. Great group here! Thought I'd have a little rant. I posted this on Facebook a while ago so sorry to those who saw it there. 

I was prompted to write this after the announcement of the Yuneec Typhoon H. The technology is amazing and I love technology )and gadgets)! But, the manufacturers rarely mention the camera specs. They just plug their megapixels and 4K. If it's still a 1/ 2.3" sensor I won't get overly excited because it is still just a point-and-shoot camera in the sky. Sure I love just flying around, and I fly my RC planes too, but I would rather fly old technology if I could get it to carry a larger sensor mirrorless camera. As a serious hobbyist photographer, I am spoilt by my Nikon DSLR image quality. As good as some of the phantom 3 images/video I have taken look, they pale against the Nikon. Even more so if the lighting conditions are even vaguely challenging. 
If I manage to get a photo with the Phantom I like, I think "great!" Then my next thought is: 'imagine if I had taken this with my Nikon or even a Sony RX100.'
Yes, there is the Inspire 1 Pro or professional rigs, but the cost is huge. I mention the Sony camera because there are a couple of prosumer drones coming out that may be able to carry these. The Prodrone is one. Have a look on
We all have to work with what we've got – and within our budgets - and I'd rather use a point-and-shoot/compact-camera quality drone than none at all, but it shouldn't be that hard to get better quality. Any and all ideas welcome! Rant over!

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Not a rant at all. I totally agree. I don't think many people getting into this industry are as well-versed with camera technology as someone like yourself. It's really important to understand the entire system you're buying, and if it's worth it to upgrade to carry your own custom payload, then that can certainly be preferable.

Great points.

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