Drone advice for Telecommunications towers

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Hi there, I am looking for advice on the most suitable drone to use for the following applications:

Telecommunications tower inspection 

Agricultural inspections

Security use

Must have Night vision

Long distance range

Please advise what brands and models I can consider ?


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On 4/6/2020 at 9:56 PM, Khanya said:

Budget is not an issue.

Budget is always an issue.  

Have you had a job using a drone on any of the types of inspections your asking about?  

As much as DJI would like people to believe, there is no one size fits all Drone.  The drone you use for agriculture is quite different from the one you would use for tower inspection.  Very different sensors,  one mostly flies vertically while the other is flown horizontally.  In fact, fixed wing or hybrid is much better for agriculture.  

Mare there toy drones that can do both?  Sure, but it doesn’t do either of them well.

its like that old saying about racing cars, you can have it cheap, fast, or good. Pick two.  

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