U.S. Drone Company Highs & Lows—Intel Shutters Drone Program, ASYLON Secures Research Contract, TerraView Releases U.S.-Made Ranger ProX8P

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As the federal debate continues over whether to ban drones from China, U.S. drone companies have seen some highs and lows recently.

Most notable is the recent news from Intel that it will be quietly closing shop on its drone program.


On the bright side, several U.S. drone companies have been making moves and releasing new products lately. This week in U.S. drone news we’re covering Intel’s recent announcement about closing its drone program, Philadelphia-based ASYLON’s research contract with the Air Force, and TerraView’s release of the RangePro X8P for industrial drone applications, a drone made to meet the requirements of a potential ban on Chinese drones and drone components.

Read today's article to learn more about this week's U.S. drone news, and chime in here if you have some U.S.—or any other!—drone news that you'd like to share.

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Skyfish.ai is a US Drone company based in Missoula Montana   Skyfish make drones for precision measurement and inspection of critical infrastructure.  Accurate 3D model measurements to 1/32”.  Skyfish has a lot of experience flying cell towers, is active in that business and with Federal government customers.  They also make very high quality 3D models or “digital twins” of infrastructure and do area mapping and surveying as well. 
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