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Have my temporary certificate but still shows pending for the certification number. I know ill have to wait a couple days for it which is okay.

1) Is there any streamline process to ask for airspace? I know kittyhawk does automated authorizations which is great. However, this only works in some cases. I am curious if I can submit requests any other way? Does there commercial subscription offer anything that is worth while?

2) In regards to airspace, mainly for commercial flying companies, Do we have the ability to get a wide array of airspace authorization if our place of  business is constantly in class airspace? Yes Kitthawk is great but I have areas where asking for 50Ft and having an automated approval wont do me any good.

Any information regarding this would be great. other app suggestions, streamlining, commercial software regarding this etc.

Thank you.

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You haven't shared any details on the airspace you are working in, so I can't give much specific advice, but here goes:

No on #1.

#2 is yes, you can get wide-area authorizations and long term authorizations for specific areas, but you will have to do the work and submit for them manually. For example, I have a large commercial development in DMA Class C airspace (Air Force base) marked as 0 altitude with no ability to submit for authorization in LANCC. I now have a standing authorization to fly at 150' for the next 2 years. This makes sense for me as there are may people that need aerials tied to this project: developer, commercial real estate people, contractors, and the companies themselves. 

Basically no there is no streamlining, but you can save yourself some time by researching the areas you will get work in and get authorizations ahead of time. 

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