Found an 80% off quadcopter, decent for a beginner

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Price:$259.90 :-$207.92 Promo Code 801GDKH2 With discount:$51.98 Two versions. From what I can tell, the only difference is color. I went for the Pink Red one due to price. (I can paint it later :p) Not a bad deal for a starter drone. I will note it doesn't have image stabilization so it can be shakey at times. I've had this in wish list and was just waiting for it to drop.
  1. "Pink Red"$ was 259.90 now $51.98
  2. "Hot Pink" is regularly priced at $329.90
  • Built-in 720P HD camera that takes and records high definition photos and videos from the sky. (Note: Video/photo resolutions will be reduced to 480P when transferred to your smartphone directly via Wifi.)
  • This flying drone with camera live video feature allows you to view live video feed on your smartphone as you fly the RC quadcopter drone.
  • Comes with functions such as auto hovering that allows the drone to hover in the air even with your hands off the controls, creating a stabilized drone and stable videos and photos.
  • One-key 360 degree roll with just the touch of a button to make your flight more impressive. Headless mode turns it into a headless drone for easy control. Great for younger kids, newbies, and starters
  • This drone can be used with the new integrated smartphone app that comes with tons of fun features such as flight plan drawing and gravity controlling mode
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