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Ron Bestin

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I met with a car accident last week in Ottawa. Even though my car was damaged, I was escaped with minor injuries. I took some pictures of the incident and the license plate number of the at-fault party. I have filed a claim with my insurance company, and they called me the next day and said that I am entitled to only for no-fault insurance coverage. So I have to call the at-fault party's insurance company and to file a claim. I will be doing it after the police inquiry about this incident, and the report is completed with the other party's insurance details. I still have the pain in the neck and back that is making me stay in bed the whole time. When I was speaking to one of my friends, he told me that it is better to seek legal help otherwise the things will get complicated in the middle of this stress. So I am thinking about consulting a personal injury lawyer in Ottawa, as suggested by my friend. But not fixed. Had anyone approached a personal injury lawyer? What are your opinions about my decision? I am financially tight at this time. Do I need the help of a lawyer if I have enough details and proof to file an injury claim with the other person's insurance company? Please share your suggestions and thoughts regarding this.
Thank you
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