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Hello UAVcoach community!

I am probably as new as they come. Have flown a few hobbyist drones but that is about it. I am from Arizona by the way. A year ago I met a guy who started a drone business and it blew my mind how his company was using drones in the construction industry. I am seriously considering starting a career in the drone industry more specifically inspection and development (Ground mapping). I think I have a solid understanding of the training, certifications, software’s, and equipment required to become a qualified drone pilot in the drone inspection field but before I take a leap spending the money and time to get there I would like to better understand the job opportunities currently out there. I know there is a lot of freelance opportunities like DroneBase but what about full-time jobs with companies? I know it is a new technology that is still being adopted but are there companies out there actually hiring drone operators? Is it better to start freelance to build a portfolio before trying to get hired by a company? It would be great to hear the story of anyone who has gone through this journey and works in an inspection or development field with drones, or just some good advice on where to start.

Great to meet the community!

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Hi @MacColl

Welcome to the UAV Coach Community Forum! There are a lot of opportunities out in the drone industry, there are companies who do hire drone pilots. However, I would say the majority of drone pilots are running their own business. 

I would say if you are interested in starting a business and choosing the projects that you work on, then you may not want to work for a company.  However, if running a business does not interest you, then I would suggest looking for a company hiring Part 107 pilots. Many drone services hire a network of drone pilots throughout the country so they can offer their services nationwide. 

If you are interested in the different opportunities, I recommend taking a look at our 'Drone Jobs' guide. 

I hope this helps! 


 - Chase 

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