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hello guys,  I am new to Aerial Mapping and i would like to know; 

  1. The basic things or information one must have in relation to Aerial Surveys
  2. All the possible Deliverables one can get from an Aerial Survey 
  3. The best softwares for producing the deliverables.

any other information will be appreciated.

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Welcome to the forum.  

Something people overlook when asking for this type of advice is that a UAV simply extends the reach of those people doing the same thing on the ground.  By extending the reach upwards of 200 feet you increase the efficiency by an order of magnitude (which is part of the UAVs value proposition) if it can be done as accurately. 

In order to determine the accuracy you need to be able to determine it on the ground, which means in this case you need to be a surveyor.  The deliverables are not determined by the capability of the UAV but by the already established workflow.

There is little to no value to flying a drone, anyone can do it.  But not everyone will become a surveyor or civil engineer.  If your already an engineer or on the path to becoming one then a UAV can be another important tool.  If your hoping to sell “drone” services to engineering firms then that’s a much tougher sell.  

So for us to be competitive we use a full frame 65MP camera w/70-246mm lens and 3-axis gimbal, with precision navigation weighs about 7 pounds so we had to engineer and manufacture our own UAVs.   We use Bentley Systems ContextCapture to create 3D pointclouds and meshes and Microstation to create 2D cad deliverables. 


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Where are you located?  

That’s a great start to a career using UAVs.  The challenge is not flying the drone and getting the right overlaps etc., it’s accounting for all the dynamic variables in the collection of data to establish a more accurate relationship between the sensor and the thing being scanned.  

To be competitive and meet the ever increasing need for better precision is very difficult with a Phantom 4 type of drone.  

Good luck.

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