recently expired Pt 107 cert - recertification?


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Hi folks,

I've not been on here in quite some time.  Long story - I achieved my Part 107 'remote pilot small UAS' certificate back in April 2018, for a job that was supposed to be 'a sure thing' ; but that job evaporated.  Without the impetus of needing the cert, I have not flown my personal 'learning drone' very much in at least the past year.  However, a job I DO have is now interested in the fact I have a certification, even though it just expired the end of last month.  They would like me to recertifiy - which I am thrilled to do! - and pilot the company drone (we are a civil engineering firm).   But I know the regulations have been in a state of flux since my original certification.  Can someone fill me in a bit on what has changed since then?   I think the protocol is basically the same - take the test, get the certification; but has the knowledge base you are tested on significantly different?   Does it make any difference hat my certifcation ~just~ expired, vs. is still in force?   Thanks for any input or links to information. 

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Taking the recurrence test is what you need to do. Once you pass it, you are current, just like that. Some testing locations were closed because of COVID-19 recently so that may be a factor.

Yes there have been changes that will be included on the test and taking a course is the quickest way to prepare for the test.  

I took the recurrent test last month.

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3 hours ago, hellojosefa said:

Does it matter if you let your certification expire before you take the recurrence test? I'm needing to take mine again but the testing center isnt open yet.

Nope, doesn't matter.  The certification never expires, you just go out of currency and loose privileges of operating.  As soon as you pass the test, your are current.

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What matters is that unless you are granted a waiver by the FAA, your privileges are technically suspended until you take and pass the test. I was able to find a testing center and after passing am now current. 
It is just like a regular airman certificate that expires. The certificate remains valid but the airman is not permitted to exercise the privileges until becoming current again. If you have questions, I recommend calling your Flight Standards District Office of the FAA and speak to them. I did that and it helped me confirm that my actions were meeting the regulations.


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