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Flight File Formats

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Hi everyone...

Can anyone recommend a website where I might be able to find a comprehensive list of the flight file formats for various UAVs? 

As for example…

The flight files for DJI would look like this

The flight logs for a Bepop would look like this
Bebop: droneFlight.txt

I am attempting to identify flight file “format” examples for as many of the following manufacturers and associated models as possible:

3D Robotics, 3DR H520-G
Action Drone USA, AD-VW1
Aerialtronics, Altura Zenith
Autel Robotics, EVO
Azur, Skeyetech
Delair, Delair UX11
Draganfly, Commander
EHang, EHang 216 AAV
FreeFly, Alta 8 Pro
Hubsan, Zino2
Impossible Aerospace, US-1
Insitu, ScanEagle
Parrot AR. Drone 2.0
Sky Viper, Journey
UDI, Fury U39
Wingtra, WingtraOne
Yuneec, Typhoon H

If anyone owns an above model and would be willing to provide me with the file format, I would be very appreciative.

Any assistance that you may be able to provide will be very welcomed.

Thank you!

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