The Plan - I know I over think things

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Hello all, 

sorry if this is long, looking for thoughts on my “Dad Plan”

My Daughter is a rising JR at MTSU, video and film production - her passion is really editing but we have all come to the conclusion that out of school she will likely need to do both filming and editing as she gets her start - she has already gotten herself involved with a number of community projects, doing all the filming/editing for a couple local celebs YouTube channels, charity video for a nonprofit in town and is doing all the online worship work for Church(Covid style) - I upgraded her gear from using my canon 6d to her own GH5s so she has the gear to get through school and likely a start after school with quality gear. 

So I think she needs to have every possible tool n her toolbox as she starts out, so I think she needs to have drone footage as part of her offering.

Now the Dad plan:

- Sign up for the drone pilot classes on line get us both 107 certified 

- sign up for the 2 person training class - learn to do this right

- Buy either a pair of DJI minis to learn with over the next two years (yes Dad gets to have a new hobby too) and good enough video to use in her advocacy and school projects - or - get a mid range unit in that $1k price 

- Buy Her something pro-level for graduation 

So does any of that make sense?

I realize her whole career choice is very much a “by the job” or 1099 type career and as a guy with 27 years at the same company that terrifies me and I want to make sure she has all the tools to get started right out of school.







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