too dark picture Phantom 4

John King

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flying during a nice sunny day and the camera on auto is way too dark.  iso 100, 1/2500 sec, f 2.8, ev -3.0.  I switched to manual and the best pix i could get was bright enough but very little color. iso 100, 1/800 sec, f 2.8,  ev +0.7.    I'm not adept at photography and am still learning what the setting mean.  I've had the P4 for 3 years and the picture was brighter. I am using Litchi software.  Any suggestions or questions would be appreciated. 

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Hi John and welcome to the forum.  

Your correct, this is a photography problem.  

I believe the darker pictures when on auto, is  because your EV is set to -3.  That’s three stops underexposed.  These little sensored cameras really pump the brightness, so it’s good to be a little under but that would be a third of a stop (.3) or if your shooting raw you can be up to a stop under (-.5 to -1.0).  

On your manual settings the EV set to +.7 will tend to over expose by 2/3 of a stop.  Everything is blown out so there is no color.  Do you use your histogram?  

Search basic photography on YouTube and find someone you can stand listening to that can help you understand the basics a bit better.   This guys pretty good, there’s a ton of this sleet of stuff.  


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