Drones Help Clean Up Plastic-Polluted Rivers, Could Provide Solution to Significantly Reduce Pollution in Oceans

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Much of the trash in the ocean gets there by way of rivers—in fact, ten of the biggest rivers in the world collectively contribute as much as 95% of the plastic found in the ocean.

Scientists from Australia’s Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) have been working on a massive global plastic pollution survey at sites around the world to better understand the problem so that they can work to find effective solutions.


To vastly improve the speed of data collection for the survey, researchers have started using drones to photograph rivers and spot specific items of plastic waste.

Read today's article to learn more about how researchers are using drones to fight global plastic pollution, and for some other examples of ways that drones are helping to speed up mapping for various industries and use cases.

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Well, having done research in mapping the source of ocean waste, I can say that a big chunk of ocean pollution in south east asian countries is caused by illegal dumping of plastic waste by so called world leaders in managing plastic pollution - US, Europe and Australia - please have a drum roll for them. According to these countries, a good strategy is to dump the waste in someone else's backyard. There should be a new branch of investigation covering "Ocean Crime". I am sure we can use drones to map/track how these countries are bullying smaller countries by illegally dumping their waste and not taking it back. 




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