Is GPS really necessary for a beginner & your suggestions

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I should start out by saying I am a complete beginner and I haven’t decided what kind of drone I am interested in getting . I will also say I am on medication which makes me rather slow and I am missing a couple of fingers but it has been surprising how well I have adapted to do most things . I also don’t drive and so getting to most areas is difficult ,and there are not  many areas around me where I could use it.

I would like to find out if having GPS on a drone is really necessary for a beginner (as hopefully that will help me now or a down my search and decision.

I am looking for a drone that is very easy to use and stable with as less controls on the controller as possible as I am a on medication which makes me a little slow at times.

I bought a mini drone  a while ago but it was no good and it was so light that it just blew it away , it was probably only 30 or 40 g so I want something that is preferably over 100 g.

I have been looking at various ones which I will list and you can tell me if you think they are worthwhile , which one may be best and if you have any other suggestions.

The ones I have been looking at are EACHINE E511s , E520s or the E 58  and possibly the DJI Tello.

I would like to get a good one of firstly as I am a beginner and cannot afford a good one I also want to find out if I do like flying one that actually does what it’s supposed to and is steady.

Thanks in advance for any feedback that you give

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Hi scobahcan,

I just read your post and here you are seeking 2 suggestions, 1st you want to know if GPS is necessary for new fliers. In my opinion it is necessary specially for beginners because it unlocks few additional features including Return to home. It helps the new users to call back their drone in case they aren't able to control the drone or the battery is about to drain, this will help to avoid crashing your drone. Furthermore, some drones offers built in auto return to home in case of low battery or signal lost, all this is possible only because of GPS.

To answer your second question, I would highly suggest to go for Eachine E58, I own this drone for more than year now, and it works absolutely fine.

You can read more about Eachine E58 on this post, it will surely help.

Good luck (y)

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hey there scobahcan,

i read your post and Muhammad's reply to your post. 

although i agree with his strong point of return to home being an excellent feature, my opinion differs slightly.

when i first started out flying, i used the Altair Blackhawk. i have attached a link:

the only thing that i wanted to focus on when i began was to be highly confident that I feel what the UAV is doing as i controlled it. i wanted to be a good pilot without the gadgets. the pro gear practically fly themselves.

it does not have any GPS, or camera controls to be distracted by and i found this to be extremely useful when learning control in winds, around objects, and just being certain I know what i am controlling.

i also know myself, and knew that i would crash early on as i pushed my limits to know where they are. i found this to work well for me and i flew everyday (nearly) for a year before i got pro gear. and yup, had some good crashes.

i would also agree with Muhammed about his suggestion with the E58. it is a very cool little drone to learn on. all the ones you had listed would be fine as well.

however you go i would say that it is imperative to have fun and feel zero pressure to advance with any particular timetable. 

i wish you well and i know you will get good results and your skills will increase with time. Fly Safe Always.

best of luck scobahcab

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Just weighing in...

I fly a lowly DJI Ryze Tello - which really has no GPS. Yet, if you use the TelloFPV (by Volatello in Google Play Store) - it has a Return To Home function that works very very well.

IMHO - the Return to Home is crucial as the drone is so small - you can't see it when it is a mere 50 or meters away (maybe even less). And you can't hear it once it is at a height of over 5 meters. I was even thinking of adding some sort of strobe light on it to help VLOS.

When coupled with a good Wifi Repeater (like the one below) - then the range is even further extended (like nearly triple). So yes - Return to Home is crucial. I'd also say some sort of sound or stone light is crucial (at least for the Tello) as it is so small - it is nearly impossible to see or find if it should land on its own (like in low battery situations).


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I would agree - but all the FAA regulations, nervous onlookers when they hear/see the drone, etc. - makes me uncomfortable (especially when I am trying to get a video project done).

The Tello eliminates all that. Once launched - you can barely hear it or see it. And it's weight is less than 100g - with a battery! Sure - the video resolution isn't that great nor the distance (although I've been able to get about 1000 feet) - but that's ok. I'd rather go FPV for the next phase.

Here is the video of the Tello doing 1000 feet:


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